Shop Spotlight: Pedal Pushing Bicycle Shop

April 26 2021

San Diego, California is the peak of SoCal cool! We were able to catch up with David Mull, the owner of Pedal Pushing Bicycle Shop, to get the inside scoop on where to go with your Tuesday Cycle when you visit ‘America’s Finest City.’

Tuesday Cycles (TC): What made you want to get started in the bike business?

David Mull, Owner of Pedal Pushing Bike Shop (DM): I used to race bicycles and I always had a strong interest [in the sport]. My dad had a couple of [bike] shops in Ventura, CA, and that soon led to me opening my first shop in 1995.

TC: How has your shop grown since you first opened?

DM: In 2008, I had to shut the shop down. My dad still had a shop in San Diego and was able to keep that one going. I ended up coming in about 6 years ago and taking over and eventually moving to a new location where I have stayed at since.

TC: How has the pandemic affected your shop and the bike community in your neighborhood?

DM: At first it was bad, there was not much business. Since all the gyms were closed, everyone needed some sort of activity and exercise. A lot of people decided to pick up biking and the shop soon became super busy.

TC: What is your favorite thing about Tuesday Cycles?

DM: I really like the relaxed geometry, which is very comfortable. The higher quality aluminum frame is super nice. The Tuesday bikes are great and have done well with us and we are very excited for the new models in 2022!

TC: What is the bike community like where you are?

DM: There are a ton of people who bike in San Diego and our shop has helped grow a bike community around here. We also sponsor the SDSU [San Diego State University] cycling team which is right around the corner from the shop.

TC: Is there a popular bike route or trail in your area that you or people in your neighborhood enjoy?

DM: Silver Strand in South Bay is very popular. It is right on the beach and is one of my favorites.

TC: If someone was vacationing in San Diego what is the number 1 thing they should do?

DM: Definitely ride a bike! Either Silver Strand or even just around town, there are also so many other places to ride. There is something for everyone here, there’s the beach, the hills, the mountains, and just flat rides.