A: There isn’t a huge difference between the two categories with Tuesday, but there are some slight variations to tailor your bike to your riding style and needs.

  • Our pavement bikes feature slightly narrower tires that are more efficient and ideal for riding on the sidewalk or pavement.
  • Both styles feature a comfortable upright riding position, but the beach cruiser is slightly more laid back with a wider handlebar and a wider, more traditional cruiser seat.
  • The pavement bikes have a slightly narrower handlebar for a bit more steering control when riding on the street, and a custom comfort saddle that is less wide but still designed specifically to keep your bum comfortable.

A: The standard 26” Tuesday models fit nearly all riders between 5’0” to 6’3”. For those on the petite side, or younger adults, the 24” offerings are great for those under 5’0”.